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Night #1 in a tent with a one year old … omg

Last night we did a little test run on camping with a kid.


We came home early so that everyone could nap in the afternoon.

Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, a short drive from D.C., has bear warning signs up all over the place and tips for what to do with trash and food so as not to attract unwanted attention.  I don’t think that we could have guessed that by heading into the woods our little one would turn into a bear.

Always nice to have a helping hand set up the tent

Always nice to have a helping hand setting up the tent, especially when it's my dad!

We spend the night trapped in a tent with a mini caged bear occasionally searching for milk.  Every 45 minutes he would wake up, sit bolt upright, paw the side of cage (tent), and lunge around until he circled the tent two or three times touching every edge and every one of the 15 sq. feet of sleeping space.

Thankfully, he slept peacefully for the final 4 hours of the night laying across the top of my head wedged into the upper left corner of the tent.  We managed to make it through one night with only minor injuries including a bruised lip, bruised head, and little sleep.

At this point, we might have to buy another tent before we go out camping again.  The bear can have his tent, the parents will get the new one. :)



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  1. I can just imagine that speedy crawling being directed around a tent :-D I guess the main thing is you guys made it out and back and it’s only going to get easier.
    Looking forward to some camping with you in Oz one day – glad to see you’re getting the practice in now.

  2. Maybe we should have brought those bananas along for a bear-snack. We’d love to bring him to Oz… though we are a little afraid that he’ll turn into a kangaroo in the tent down under… We won’t let that – or the zillion-hour plane ride – stop us!

  3. Sounds like it was a pilot for a sitcom. :)

    It took us 3 days testing in the backyard for us to get up the nerve to try the real deal. We have one of those “family” size tents that says you can sleep 6….if you are tiny, but, you can get a baby crib inside.
    Night 1 was not a really good test because we got setup late and the little one was tired anyway. Night 2 she was up and down a bit (I think wanting to play cards with us), but she did conk out about an hour after we turned out the lights. Night 3 the next weekend was a bit better. We let her have her romp through the tent just before we went to sleep and she was out in about 15 min. The bad thing about camping anywhere around here (Texas) is that it is so hot during the day. We plan a trip for 4 days in Colorado and will probably try the test again the week before we leave. Were you able to use a crib? We figured if she was sleeping in something she was comfortable and familiar with it would help.

  4. Baby Carriers bACKPACKS: We didn’t use a crib. The tent we have is a small two person backpacking tent. Barely room for our sleeping bags and that is why we are looking for a bigger tent, or we will just let him sleep outside.

  5. Yeah, if you could get something that allows a crib that will only take up 1/2 the space of the tent, you can store stuff next to the crib and still have the other 1/2 for your sleeping bags. Gotta get them used to the environment and surroundings first constrained in a crib. Once they are used to the sights, smells and everything else, they can roam with less frenzy inside the tent. HAve fun!


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