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Travel blankets (and swaddling, snuggling, drool-mopping, cool-looking blankets too!)

aden_climbWhich blankets do you bring when you are traveling with a baby? For some of us, that question may be answered by our kids, who have a favorite that they will tote along until college (or beyond) (yes, this really happens). For others, we are stuck staring at the blankets we purchased before we got to know our little ones and given to us by well-meaning family and friends in silk-edged, animal-embroidered organic cotton, waffle-weave, fluffy acrylic, and/or triple-combed-and-washed wool (take your pick). We feel that Goldilocks feeling coming on: too hot? too cold? just right?

Enter Aden & Anais and their muslin wraps.

When I saw these I instinctively snapped them up and have been glad I did! And I have given them to every new parent friend since (5 sets and counting). (And now that the Aden & Anais blankets are on Amazon, the full range of patterns is easy to get, and sometimes there are slight discounts.)

Why I think they’re fabulous:aden_sleep

  • They come in four-packs 
    • 1 for plane and carseat
    • 1 for bedding
    • 1 extra for everything else, like wiping various goobers
    • 1 clean one at home
    • (they also come in singles and 2-packs, in case you don’t want 4! or need some extra)
  • They wash well and they just keep getting softer without falling apart.  These really are the softest baby blanket we have found.
  • They pack small… but…
  • They aren’t small.
    • They are big enough to cover you while nursing without making you and baby too hot.
    • They’re big enough for a larger kid to sleep under.
  • They have cool patterns (nice change from doggies, truckies, flowers, and such, plus helps hide those aforementioned goobers).
  • You can wear it one as a scarf or shawl if needed (try that with a pink fuzzy mini-blanket with satin edges). Especially good for the plane or emergency parent sunburn protection.
  • They are the perfect size to cover the bottom of a pack’n’play or travel bed or most of an unfamiliar crib mattress. Great for bringing a little bit of home to a new place.
  • They work as sun shields in the car (just wrap the corners around headrest posts) – flexible, huge, not too dark and hot, fun for peekaboo (at least the first 3,052 times).
  • They are big enough to cover a stroller completely as a sleep-inducer, or a complete or partial sun shade.

A note on swaddling:
We loved these for swaddling when Wyeth was a newbie and it was HOT. We didn’t feel like he was a little sweaty over-baked burrito and he stayed put, snoozing away, because he couldn’t fling his little arms around. I’d imagine they’re great for cold-weather swaddling too because they are so soft and cozy. Also worked nicely for legs-only swaddling – he couldn’t unravel the blanket, but it also didn’t have to be too tight. Once he started to sleep sans swaddle, I felt good about having a lightweight, breathable blanket in bed with him – we usually folded it a few times so he wouldn’t get tangled when he wiggled around. Now that he’s a bigger dude, he loves to flop around on the blanket and usually ends up sleeping with it stuffed underneath him. It’s light enough, though, that we can often extract it and cover him once he’s sleeping soundly. Finally, it’s good for teething – Wyeth chews and tugs and drools profusely on it and it has stood that test well!


Aden & Anais have some more gear

I can’t vouch for these but if I had spare cash or more room in the blanket box, I’d go for it.


An additional option:

I need to put in a word for Mr. Bobbles Blankets as well. This is the familiar flannel receiving blanket gone jumbo (and jumbo-er if you buy the toddler size) and comes in funky fabrics, all chosen and manufactured by a mom-owned small business.

They work beautifully as a lightweight, packable, warmer layer.
Mr. Bobbles’ Blankets also makes absolutely fantastic play yard sheets.aden_beach

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  1. yes muslin is soooooooooooo lovely. we found a muslin sleep sack for weaning from swaddling which was great for our boy in summer. It was also great when we went camping/travelling as he could wear it to preven him getting bitten by bugs and to shade him more from the sun it was called a Peke Moe
    thanks for your article!

  2. Our little guy had really cold hands this winter – looks like a good option for keep baby snug without a tight swaddle. And yes! We love muslin!!

  3. It was 107 here in Texas today and I called in sick to work because it doesn’t make sense taking our 11 month old out in that heat. I do like the cover on the picture on the man above in the red hat. Wet it down and stay cool this summer.

  4. A nice shady alternative to sunscreen!

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